Dear friends of Harvest Fest,

It is with regret that we must inform you that Harvest Fest, scheduled for July 7-8-9, has to be postponed and cannot proceed as planned.

We have worked with great enthusiasm on this event and were eagerly looking forward to it. However, due to various circumstances and factors, we believe it is not responsible to proceed with the festival at this time.

As additional matters have arisen along the way and in order to handle them properly, more time and space are needed to manage them effectively.

Therefore, we have made the painful decision to postpone Harvest Fest for now. We apologize to all those who have signed up and were planning to attend. We would not want you to arrive at the Thialf Stadium on the festival days only to find the doors closed. Hence, this message.

We ask for your understanding regarding our decision and also for prayers for wisdom on how to prevent the same mistake in the future. It is a costly lesson for us, as we will first need to settle the expenses already incurred before we can move forward with a clean slate.

However, this setback is certainly not a reason for us to give up. Postponement does not mean cancellation!

Furthermore, the work of the Gospel-Truck will continue unabated while our team discusses and plans to hold Harvest Fest at a later date.

If desired, we will refund any donations we received for Harvest Fest. Without a request for a refund, we will allocate your donation towards Harvest Fest.

Until then, we ask for your prayers, advice, and support for Harvest Fest.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and contributions in bringing in the harvest.

The Harvest-Fest Board,

Fausto, Joey, Vincent, and Jaap

Thialf Stadium Heerenveen

The Thialf-stadion in Heerenveen is a modern, multifunctional venue suitable for various events, including festivals. The stadium has a large parking lot, good accessibility by public transportation, and sufficient facilities to accommodate a large number of visitors.


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